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All About FEU

Far Eastern University (FEU), located in Nicanor Street, Sampaloc, is one of the most popular universities in the university belt (u-belt). It has become reputable for expanding its offered courses throughout the years, making it one of aspiring college students’ top options. With approximately 30,000 students, FEU generates the second-highest foot traffic in the u-belt area next to the University of Santo Tomas.


It is worth investing in land for sale near FEU as it is very accessible and drives heavy foot traffic even during academic breaks. FEU is accessible via LRT1 Recto Station and jeepneys, UVs, buses, and e-trikes passing through Morayta and Recto Avenue. 


Why Invest Near FEU?

There are several benefits in investing in land for sale near FEU to develop a commercial establishment. Aside from the students in FEU, people of different ages also frequent the area as it is near Quiapo, a place known for the Quiapo church, Quinta Public Market near LRT1 Carriedo Station, and small shops that offer low prices for various products and services. 


Commuters also frequent Quiapo because several public transportations going to different parts of Metro Manila pass through Quiapo. The places that are accessible via Quiapo are Tondo, Pasig, Quezon City, EDSA, Cubao, Mandaluyong, Baclaran, and Divisoria. Quiapo is the commuters’ hotspot as there are public transportations available for major cities in Metro Manila.


Students from u-belt schools also frequent the area around FEU, making it a strategic location for developing a residential building. Commercial establishments and entertainment centers surround FEU. Along Lerma Street are food stalls and food carts that offer affordable student meals. Surrounding FEU is Morayta Street that houses fast-food restaurants and shops that cater to students like bookstores, computer shops, cafes, and study hubs. FEU is also near Padre Noval Street, which is known for its entertainment hubs and street food. 


FEU’s site is also famous among fresh graduates and the working class because it is near a vital government agency, the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC), and review centers for different licensure exams. 


Current Real Estate Projects Near FEU

Several land plots near FEU are available for commercial and residential use. The ideal location for developing a condominium or apartment is around Padre Campa Street and Piy Margal Street as these streets are just walking distance from FEU and could offer a quiet neighborhood at night despite being easily accessible via España Boulevard. Tomas Mapua Street and M. Dela Fuente Street are suitable for commercial buildings as people visit these areas to eat, drink, hangout, or find study hubs. 


Average Land Pricing Near FEU

Land for sale near FEU has high value as it is in the u-belt and near Quiapo, which has heavy foot traffic all year round. The current cost of lots for sale near FEU starts at PhP 104,000 per square meter. 


Key Reminders

FEU is a traffic jam prone area because of the volume of cars that pass through the main roads surrounding it, so it is essential to pick a location with many alternative routes to make it easier to access during rush hours.