Affordable Rent to Own House in Imus Cavite




Cavite continues to feature one of the most affordable markets of houses for sale in the Philippines. In 2016, the average price of a house for sale listed on Lamudi was an approximate Php1.24 million.

In the 2007 census, the city of Imus had a population of 253,158. As of 2015, the population of Imus was at 403,785.

The City of Imus is the officially-designated capital of Cavite. The latter is known as the “Historical Capital” of the Philippines, mostly due to its being the location of the declaration of the Independence of the Philippines from the Spanish rule was June 12, 1898. It is also known as the “Flag Capital” owing to the Battle of Alapan where the Philippine flag was first unfurled.

Imus was declared a city on June 30, 2012, and is classified as a 3rd class district with 97 barangays.




The Birthplace of Philippine Independence

Find rent to own houses in Imus CaviteThe City of Imus is located within Cavite, which is known as the Historical Capital of the country, due to the fact that it has become a stage of some of the most important and significant historical events that have transpired in the history of the Philippines. Unquestionably the most notable event is the Declaration of the Philippines of its independence from the Spanish rule in Kawit on June 12, 1898.

Imus, for its part, has also been the scene of several historical events that have shaped not only the now-city, but also the country overall. It has been the battlefield of two major conflicts – the Battle of Imus and the Battle of Alapan. The latter event is known in history as the day when the people first laid eyes on the Philippine flag. On that day, the people of the Philippines manifested their patriotism and desire for independence in the rectangular flag of blue, red, and white, with three stars and a sun.

Today, the city of Imus has become not only a hub of culture and history, but also of development. It serves as the finance center of Cavite, with banks and various financial institutions located within. It also continues to be the preferred location for manufacturing enterprises, with several companies in various industries setting up shop in Imus.

The city is notably home to the Imus Public Market, which is considered as the center of trade and commerce in the city, with 25 zones and 805 stalls housed within. Its location along the stretch of Emilio Aguinaldo Highway also allows the people in Imus, and in the other parts of Cavite to easily travel to and from the different parts of the city. It also allows access to certain areas in Las Pinas, Tagaytay, and even Muntinlupa, as the stretch of the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway provides access points to the Manila-Cavite Expressway or CAVITEx and Daang Hari Road.


Living in Imus

Affordable rent to own house in Imus CaviteAs mentioned, Imus offers a lot of opportunities to single professionals and families alike. Business-wise, Imus is a great location to pursue a career, considering the sheer number of businesses and industries that have set up shops within the city. It is also an ideal place to live, as it is located far from the Metro, but not so far so as to render it inaccessible. Metro Manila, and the CBDs within it, remains to be a bus ride, or two, away.

The cost of renting a house in Imus for the purpose of turning it into a home would vary depending on what kind of home it is, where it is located, and the facilities it offers. Prices range from Php1.1 million to as high as Php3.7 million. Of course, some of the primary factors to consider in renting a house in Imus, apart from the price, is its location, particularly its proximity to the central market, schools, and even the terminals of buses that travel to and from the Metro. Another factor might be the type of the home being rented, or bought.

Some types of homes might be cheaper or more expensive as compared to other types, while some types might offer certain amenities or facilities, and a larger amount of floor area or additional rooms, that might not be found in other types.