Affordable Rent to Own House in Calamba Laguna






Houses for sale in Calamba may range from as low as Php450,000 to Php1.2 million. Renting a house, on the other hand, may range from Php12,000 to Php80,000 a month.

Calamba in the Province of Laguna is famously known as the Resort Capital of the Philippines, due to the fact that it serves as the home to several of the most famous natural and private resorts in the Philippines, as well as to several hot springs, waterfalls, and lakes. It is a popular summer venue for those who would want to enjoy the pool in the hot summer sun in the privacy of a private resort.

The City of Calamba also takes pride in the fact that the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, was born therein. He is remembered for being a polyglot, an ophthalmologist, a poet, a writer, a lover, a revolutionary, and a martyr. Although he had little to do with the bloody revolution of the Katipunan spearheaded by Andres Bonifacio, he was executed for his alleged membership thereto, considering that the Katipuneros would often refer to him as the inspiration behind their revolution against the Spanish rule, and even used his name as their passwords in communications and other transactions. Rizal’s most famous contributions in the revolution, however, may be found in the form of two novels: Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which tells the tale of Crisostomo Ibarra and his experiences under the oppressive government and the abusive friars of the church, and his transformation into the enigmatic and cruel Simoun, whose revolutionary agenda led him to an early grave.

As of the 2015 census, 454,486 people have been recorded to have been living in the City of Calamba. It is the most populated city in the Province of Laguna. As to density, however, it has a recorded population density of 2,600 people per square kilometer, thereby making it the firth densest city in the Province. The City of San Pedro, which is significantly smaller in size, has a significantly higher population density at 14,000 people per square kilometer.



Heroes and Hot Springs

Rent to Own house in Calamba LagunaThe City of Calamba is one of the 6 component cities comprising the Province of Laguna south of Metro Manila. The city’s name is said to have come from the term “Calambanga” or ”Kalan banga” which translates to clay pot or jar. The name is said to have been taken from a conversation between Spanish soldiers and a woman selling clay jars by the sidewalk. The soldiers supposedly asked the woman for the name of the town. The woman, however, misunderstood the question as one pertaining to her jars and pots, and thereafter told them about her jars. In a nutshell, it would seem that the city takes its name from literal clay jars. Coincidentally, a giant clay pot sits in the heart of Calamba, particularly in its old plaza, representing the symbol of the town. Interestingly enough, this pot once held the title of being the largest clay pot in the world. Its name, and the pot, aside, Calamba is no longer known for being a clay jar in the Province of Laguna.

Today, Calamba is known as the Resort Capital of the Philippines, being home to a significant number of private resorts, hot springs, lakes, and waterfalls. Apart from private resorts, tourist spots in Calamba include the Rizal shrine that features a replica of the house where the national hero grew up in; St. John the Baptist Church, where Rizal was baptized; and Republ1c Wakepark, which is known as one of the newest and most innovative wakeparks in the world.

The progressive economy of Calamba is derived from several major sources of income, including services pertaining to manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture, among others. Two of the most prominent industries in the city today, however, are the BPO and IT industries, considering that several companies specializing in the said fields have set up shop in Calamba. It would also be interesting to note that the city has been considered as a “Next Wave City”, recognizing the potential of the BPO and IT industries in Calamba. Of course, the city also houses establishments pertaining to other commercial and industrial industries, which opens doors of opportunities for people who might want to transfer to the province.


Where to stay in Calamba?

Affordable Rent to Own Houses in Calamba LagunaThe cost of purchasing a house in Calamba may go from as low as Php450,000 to prices as high as Php 120 million, depending on various factors, such as the size, type, and location of the house. Foreclosed houses are offered at cheaper prices starting at Php310,000, and can go for as high as Php18 million. Buying a foreclosed house may carry with several risks, so it might be best to take caution when purchasing foreclosed properties. Renting a house in Calamba, on the other hand, would cost around Php12,000 a month to Php80,000 a month.

Another option would be to renting to own. This typically involves payment of slightly higher monthly rent, which is priced significantly because a portion of the payments are allocated to the down payment. Upon completion, the title over the property is then transferred to the buyer, subject, of course, to the agreement between the transacting parties.

Rent-to-own houses are available in Calamba. For instance, a two-bedroom townhouse in Calamba Heights is priced at Php1.2 million, and may be purchased through a rent to own scheme. Another two-bedroom house, but with a bigger lot and floor size carries a price tag of Php1.5 million, and may be paid through a rent to own scheme that would require a Php500,000 down payment and an amortization plan that would require the potential buyer to make monthly payments of Php9,000 for 20 years.




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