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Comfortable, Convenient Living in a Condo For Rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

More than a weekend destination, Salcedo Village is a popular residential community that offers sheer convenience for city dwellers.

For all the modern establishments it houses, Salcedo Village is known as one of the upscale neighborhoods in Makati. It features open, green spaces, quiet, pedestrian-friendly streets, and well-built residential buildings. Aside from its picturesque charm, the community is popular among city dwellers for hosting a weekend market. Fresh produce, homemade goods, and handicraft items are some of the things people look forward to in the Salcedo Market. 

Because of the easy, modern lifestyle it promotes, many who are considering vertical living choose a condo for rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila. Consider settling in this upscale community, surrounded by modern conveniences if you’re eyeing Makati to be your next address.

Notable Establishments Near Condo For Rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

The condos for rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila are near Makati Medical Center, Colegio San Agustin Makati, Ayala Triangle Gardens, and other places of interest.

A no-fuss lifestyle is possible in Salcedo Village because its strategic location puts it close to essential services. From healthcare and education down to food and home items, everything is accessible from the community. Even recreational opportunities are within reach.

These are the medical institutions near a condo for rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Clare’s Medical Center
  • St. Therese Hospital
  • Philippine Orthopedic Institute

Meanwhile, here are some of the prestigious schools near the upscale neighborhood:

  • Colegio San Agustin Makati
  • Colegio de Santa Rosa - Makati
  • St. Paul College of Makati
  • Sacred Heart School Makati
  • iAcademy
  • Makati Science High School

Home to a world-class resort, Salcedo Village is also a go-to leisure destination. Some city dwellers choosing to rent a condo in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila often visit the Makati Sports Club. They play different kinds of sports in the venue while enjoying a range of cuisines and comfort food in different food outlets. 

Here are the other places of interest near the area:

  • Manila Polo Club
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • Ayala Museum
  • Yuchengco Museum
  • Makati Museum

As for retail therapy, you’ll find plenty of shopping centers around Salcedo Village. In fact, some of these may simply be a walking distance from a condo for rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila:

  • Greenbelt
  • Glorietta
  • Century City Mall
  • SM Makati
  • The Landmark Makati

Cost of Renting a Condo in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

A typical, semi-furnished condo unit in Salcedo Village is priced P20K a month. The 30-square meter space can accommodate a single professional living alone.

With different sizes and features, the condo rentals in Salcedo Village come at different price points. Most of the semi-furnished units with 30 square meters of floor area are priced P20K a month. Some of the typical furniture and fixtures included are beds, refrigerators, microwaves, and small dining tables. 

In general, the units featuring 50 square meters of floor space are priced P50K. These condo offerings typically have built-in storage spaces, including closets and kitchen cabinets. The rate goes higher when the unit is fully furnished.

Meanwhile, the price of larger units range from P70K to P150K. Typically, the floor areas of these condos range from 100 to 150 square meters. Whether you’re looking for a home near the workplace or house your growing family, you can find a suitable condo for rent in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila.

Why You Should Consider Renting a Condo in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

Most people decide to settle in Salcedo Village to take advantage of the modern, convenient lifestyle it promotes.

Convenience is the best lifestyle perk you can experience when renting a condo in this upscale neighborhood. All your essentials are nearby. Your workplace in the financial district may simply be a walking distance from your residence. You won’t have to drive long hours either when going to the supermarket or going to the doctor for a check-up. With a condo rental in Salcedo Village, everything’s conveniently accessible.

Work Opportunities in Salcedo Village, Metro Manila

Living in the country’s financial capital, you’re surrounded by several career options that can help you grow in your chosen field. For one, the country’s most prominent business process outsourcing companies are in the area. A lot of organizations providing financial services are likewise in Makati, from banks to insurance companies to investment houses. In the same way, the retail industry is thriving in the city, as different shopping centers dot the commercial district. 

Other businesses in Makati include pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, as well as construction and real estate. If you happen to find a rewarding job in the financial capital, rent a condo in Salcedo Village to be near your workplace.


Are there 3-bedroom condos in Salcedo Village?

Yes, you can find 3-bedroom condos for rent in Salcedo Village. They are the ideal choice for huge families living in the metro.

Are there condos priced P80K - P120K in Salcedo Village?

The rental condos priced P80K to P120K in Salcedo Village are often semi- to fully-furnished, which make them the best option for those who want a move-in ready place.

Are condos for rent in Salcedo Village near restaurants?

Yes. The streets of Salcedo Village host the Salcedo Saturday Market, which can be near some of the condos for rent in the area. Dining places offering different types of dishes are also within reach.

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