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Affordable 5k Apartments in the City of Makati

Makati is one of the 16 cities comprising Metro Manila. Founded by the Spaniards as a township during the 1600s, it earned its status as a highly urbanized city after many years of being a municipality in 1995. Now, it is the economic nerve center of the Philippines, hosting more registered local and multinational businesses than any city or municipality in the country. It is also both a cultural and entertainment center, as well as a shopping mecca in the metropolis, catering to and popular with both locals and foreigners alike.








Find an Apartment for Rent in Makati: 5K and Below

Makati can be intimidating at times due its cosmopolitan vibe and fast paced lifestyle. Many people who are under a budget would sometimes not even consider this city because of the incorrect assumption that it is expensive. However, Makati still offers many affordable options within its 33 barangays. While residences for sale may indeed command premium prices, an alternative option would be an apartment for rent in Makati. 5k and below in price, here are some of the top locations where one can find an affordable home within the vibrant city.

Pembo and Comembo

Live in Makati the Financial Capital of the Philippines

The literal meaning of Pembo is Panther’s Enlisted Men’s Barrio with “Panther” being the codename of the First Rangers unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). It was named as such because the place was primarily a community that was populated by soldiers and their dependents.

At present, Pembo is the second most populous barangay in the second district of Makati. It is the location of the newly-built six-storey Ospital ng Makati, which provides city residents with high-quality and state-of-the-art health facilities and health care services.

Did you know that Pembo also has historic secret tunnels built underneath it? Running beneath the towering skyscrapers and paved sidewalks of the Bonifacio Global City is a network of tunnels. One of the tunnels, the Fort Bonifacio War Tunnel, is connected to another war tunnel, located at Morning Glory Street in Pembo. The tunnels have been declared as a heritage site by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and are now being developed as a war museum.

Comembo also shares the same rich history as Pembo. The area was formerly known as “Mamancat,” derived from the Tagalog word “ancat” (angkat), which in English means “import”. As its name suggests, the place was a busy community where goods and other commodities were acquired, purchased, or bartered. After World War II, members of the Combat Engineering Group of the Philippine Army and their dependents began living in Mamancat, which was eventually named as Combat Enlisted Men’s Barrio or Comembo.

Both Pembo and Comembo are in located close to the Bonifacio Global City and Mckinley Hill, where many multinational companies, commercial establishments, and embassies are located. This makes Pembo and Comembo ideal communities for working professionals wanting to lessen their travel time to and from their workplaces.

For male professionals looking for a comfortable apartment for rent in Makati (5k or less), brand-new units are available at Lirio Street in Barangay Pembo. On offer are bed spaces located inside a four-storey building with its first and second floor styled as loft-type units. Each floor has two bedrooms and two comfort rooms, a living room area, and a kitchen. The third and fourth floors are designed like a flat, each having two bedrooms and a comfort room.

Rates vary according to the location of the preferred bed space. Upper bed spaces have lower rental rates, having a lease rate of PHP 3,000 a month, while lower bed spaces cost PHP 3,300 a month. The apartment is near Market! Market!, SM Aura, St. Luke’s Medical Center, laundry shops, water refilling stations, and eateries. The rent is inclusive of water supply and electricity, comfortable beds with foam, television with cable, Wi-Fi connection, electric fans, ready-to-use refrigerator, bathroom with shower, laundry area, living room area, dining area, and kitchen area. Housekeeping is also for free and carried out once to twice a week.

Live in a Cheap Flat in Makati for Only 5k

Another apartment for rent for less than 5k is in Sunflower Street, Pembo, Makati. The offered bed space units are suitable for male professionals working at Bonifacio Global City, McKinley Hill, and the Makati central business district. The rent is PHP 3,500 a month, inclusive of water, electricity, LED television with cable, fully-furnished beds with mattress, shoe racks, secured steel locker, electric fan, and other brand-new furniture and appliances. The apartment is near restaurants, fast food chains, barber shops, water refilling stations, and cafeterias. It is also just several meters away from SM Aura and Market! Market!

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Comembo, you should check out Aguho Street. It is also suitable for male bed spacers. The rate is only PHP 3,000 per month, inclusive of water, television with cable, wi-fi connection, electric fan, secured steel lockers, and free housekeeping services.


Barangay Olympia is a residential area in the first district of Makati. It was once known as “Hinyero,” named after the German engineer who used to live in the area. It was later renamed “Olympia,” after the tile and brick factory on the bank of Pasig River adjacent beside the Lazzai Building. A portion of the newly developed Makati Circuit, which used to be the Philippine Racing Club (PRC) horse race track, is located within the boundaries of Olympia.

There are available bedspaces for rent in Makati’s Barangay Olympia. These apartments go for less than 5k for female working professionals, and each room can accommodate four persons and comes fully-furnished with sofa, television, washing machine, gas range, refrigerator, bed, and mattress. It is just one jeepney ride away from the Glorietta and Greenbelt malls, The Landmark, and Ayala and Buendia MRT Ayala Station, and MRT Buendia Station. It can be leased for PHP 2,500 per month, inclusive of built-in wardrobes.

Guadalupe Nuevo

Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo, bound by EDSA and Kalayaan Avenue, is generally classified as a commercial area, but its inner sections are mostly residential. The types of business establishments located within the barangay are, among others, small and medium stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, and tourism-related establishments. The largest public market in Makati is also within the jurisdiction of Guadalupe Nuevo.

There are apartments for rent in Guadalupe Nuevo that are best suited for female professionals. A female bed space for rent can cost around PHP 3,800 per month, inclusive of water, electricity, air conditioning, microwave oven, personal refrigerator, and dining tables and chairs. Smoking is strictly prohibited and guests of tenants are typically not allowed to enter the rooms.


Enjoy the Amenities Offered by Makati Apartments

Barangay Bel-Air is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Makati. It was named after Bel-Air Village, which was established in 1950 by the Ayala Corporation. Sections of Ayala Avenue and Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, the Ayala Triangle, Salcedo Village, and Bel-Air Village itself are within the boundaries of the barangay. Bel-Air is perhaps better known for its high-rise commercial and residential buildings, and various commercial establishments.

There is are available apartments for rent in Bel-Air, located along Jupiter Street. A newly turned-over room with a balcony in Jazz Residences is available for possible tenants. Amenities include a gym, lounge, jogging path, playground, indoor pool, sports facilities and a function room. It is near Saint Andrew Parish Church and the Mapua Institute of Technology Makati. The unit is also very accessible from the Makati central business district.

Renting is a wise decision, when you cannot afford to fully invest yet. This is why, especially if the workplace is located at the Makati central business district or around the Bonifacio Global City area, it is more practical to opt for an apartment for rent in Makati. For 5k or even less, there are rental apartments in the city that are well-equipped with amenities that are suitable for working professionals wanting to have achieve a work-life balance. At the end of the day, it is always worth it to save up one’s energy, time, and money by staying at a residence near the workplace than experiencing the inconveniences of commuting and daily traffic.


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