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Rent to own houses in Taguig vary in price, starting at Php 2.3 million.

Taguig City was once part of the Province of Rizal, back when its territorial jurisdiction covered areas in Pasig, Las Pinas, and nearby places. It was then separated therefrom by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 824, and has since then become part of the 17 cities and municipalities that comprise the Metropolitan Manila Area.

Taguig City is considered as the 7th most populated city in the country, with 804,915 people living, as of the 2015 census. Its land area spans 45.18 kilometers, is recorded to have had a population density of 18,000 people per square kilometre.

Taguig, especially for those who live outside it, is, more often than not, associated with the Bonifacio Global City and McKinley Hill. Recently, the area upon which the Bonifacio Global City stands has been the subject of a boundary dispute between the City of Taguig and the City of Makati. The Supreme Court decided the dispute in favor of Taguig, thereby placing the disputed area under the jurisdiction of the said city.


The Fort and the Hill

Rent to Own Condo in TaguigTaguig is mostly known for the Bonifacio Global City and McKinley Hill, considering that these two business hubs are not only filled with office buildings and workspaces, but also with various commercial establishments that may or may not be just as artistic and culturally-integrated as the museums or other tourist destinations that may be found outside Taguig. Although it might not seem like it today, these two business hubs were once military bases that were occupied by the United States Army during and shortly after the Second World War. Bonifacio Global City, which is also referred to as The Fort, takes its name from Fort Bonifacio, the name of the base upon which it now stands. McKinley Hill, on the other hand, is named after Fort McKinley, the old name of Fort Bonifacio before it was transferred by the U.S. Military to the Philippine Army.

Taguig has more to offer than just the businesses. For instance, the Mind Museum in The Fort serves as an exhibit dedicated to science and nature, providing both students and adults an educational and fun-filled experience. The Venice Grand Canal in the Venice Grand Mall gives visitors a local version of the similar indoor canal in The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. The city of Taguig houses the Libingan ng Mga Bayani, which serves as the resting place of respected heroes, civil servants, national artists, and former presidents.


Living in Taguig

Affordable Rent to Own Condominiums in TaguigCondominium units in Taguig vary in prices, depending primarily on the size of the unit, the developer of the condominium project, and its location in the city. Of course, the bigger the unit, the more expensive it usually is. The same goes for those units in condominium projects developed by high-end real estate developers, as well as for those located within the luxurious residential developments in the aforementioned places. There are condominium projects in places around the city, however, that may carry a more affordable price tag, without sacrificing quality and convenience.

Units may be purchased at prices ranging from as low as Php800,000 to as high as Php220 million. The pricier units are usually those that are situated within high-end condominium developments that are located within The Fort or McKinley Hill. For instance, a unit priced at Php220 million is a three-bedroom penthouse unit that has its own private pool and has been treated to a beautiful, modern interior design.

Foreclosed condominium units are also available, and prices of such range from as low as Php1.7 million to as high as Php52.2 million. Purchasing foreclosed units may, however, carry with it certain risks, albeit the relatively cheaper price tags.

Renting a condominium unit in Taguig, on the other hand, may go for prices as low as Php5,000 a month to as high as Php560,000 a month. The unit carrying the affordable Php5,000 price tag is a two-bedroom unit in the Cypress Tower, located along the C-5 Road. The catch, however, is that tenants would be sharing the unit with other people to whom the owner may have leased the same unit to. Essentially, this listing is more of a bed space, albeit still in the form of a lease. On the other hand, the unit priced at Php560,000 a month is a three-bedroom penthouse unit in the Pacific Plaza Tower, which is situated within The Fort, providing easy access to key places not only in the Global City area, but also in McKinley Hill.

Another option would be to rent to own. These start at Php2.3 million, and further vary depending agreements reached with sellers. For instance, one unit priced at Php14 million can be sold via renting to own, either with or without bank financing. Another unit advertised with a rate of Php73,000 a month has the buyer also being required to make a ten-percent down payment and monthly amortizations.



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