25 Transient Houses in Baguio for Every Type of Traveler


Baguio City has seen a lot of developments over the past decade. The urbanization of this quaint city is evident in the expansion of commercial centers, the hypergrowth of property developments, and notorious traffic jams. Amid all these, Baguio City has maintained its charm and continue to attract thousands of tourists every year.

But beyond the title “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, Baguio City has so much more to offer. Its ability to innovate and offer something new makes it a favorite destination among businessmen, companies holding team buildings, school retreats, university students, artists, and adventure seekers.

If you are looking for a home for a few days in Baguio, here is a list of your not-so-ordinary transient houses to consider:



  1. European Style House

Sitting on a massive 1,000-square meter of land, this two-story European-style house is anything but ordinary. It has an amazing view literally from every corner of the house. The bright and airy living room enjoys natural light from its big windows. But the highlight of this house lies outside of the dining room—a covered porch that has a magnificent view of the Pinewood Golf Course and Lingayen Gulf.



  1. Pine Breeze Cottages

Pine Breeze Cottages offer different types of accommodation such as wood cabins, standard rooms, and suites. But what sets it apart from other transients is its Igorot Huts. Yes, you can stay in these traditional huts for a truly immersive experience. Literally, just back to basics, the hut only has mattresses and a dining area underneath.



  1. Country Home-inspired Transient

This spacious transient home boasts of six massive bedrooms to accommodate a total of 16 guests at a time. Homey with a lot of wood elements throughout, the newly-renovated house exudes an authentic Baguio vibe. Enjoy some downtime at the veranda while looking at the city’s splendid skyline. And the best part? The rate is just P350 a day per person!



  1. Camp John Hay Duplex

A vacation house right inside Camp John Hay—what's not to love! The unit is half of the duplex and can accommodate 10 persons total. Staying in this property will make you feel truly at home as it is fully furnished and has complete cookware, utensils, bath towels, toiletries, and drinking water.



  1. Log Cabin

If you want to experience the City of Pines on its truest level, this cabin is perfect for you. This cute little home is made from original local pines from inside and out. It has a bedroom, bathroom, and car parking for two, and a spacious kitchen for a real homey feel.



  1. Camp John Hay Single Detached

A hotel-like house with a beautiful pine trees view by the balcony—that's what to expect in this house for rent. Complete with furniture, cooking facilities, and utensils, this place can accommodate up to 14 people. The place has three bedrooms, an attic room, and a driver's quarter. It is brightly lit by natural light during the day and also has a wood fireplace perfect for the cold Baguio weather.



  1. Monterrazas Vacation Country Home

This charming wood cabin is elegantly decorated with pinewood paneling to compliment the line of pine trees surrounding the property. The intricate design and curated pieces of furniture show the amount of love and work put into this property. More importantly, the kids are not left behind as they can enjoy the large garden space with bench swing, children's swing, and slide.



  1. The Old Orangewood Bed and Breakfast

This bed and breakfast place provides cozyness in all corners. It is a quiet place in a serene location with warm, friendly, and accommodating staff. What makes the place better is the in-house cafe perfect for the coffee lovers. They also have a small playroom for the kids.



  1. Spacious Three-Bedroom Townhouse

Located in Mountain Breeze Condominium Villas, this three-bedroom townhouse is listed for P22,500 a month. With spacious living and dining areas, three bathrooms and a garage, the property can easily accommodate up to 10 persons. It is located in a secure village with playground, open spaces and of course, pine trees.



  1. Camp John Hay Baguio Forest Cabin

This beautiful forest cabin in Camp John Hay features four bedrooms, three bathrooms on 300 square meters of land area. It comes fully furnished and can be rented on a monthly or daily basis. You can enjoy facilities within Camp John Hay such as jogging path, basketball court, playground, and gazebos.



  1. 300-sqm Single Detached House for Rent

For those looking for long-term rental properties, this is a great option as it is very near the town proper and hospitals and is located in a gated community. At a monthly rent of P60,000, the property has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two-car garage, and 24-hour security.



  1. Ross Anne Baguio Transient House

If you're looking for a property that is located in the middle of where the action is, then this property is a great fit. It is located in the city proper, just minutes away from Session Road, SM City Baguio and Baguio Cathedral. It has a TV, a fully-equipped kitchen and hot shower.



  1. Mountainside Lodging House

Located at the Heart of Baguio, Mountainside Lodging House is an affordable place that checks items in your transient house must-haves — a cozy veranda, wide parking area, clean and reasonably priced rooms, accommodating staffs, a basketball court, and spacious common areas. The best part is how this simple home is a few walks away from Baguio’s tourists attractions.



  1. Gracious Chi Home

Cable TV, karaoke, and HD movies provided at the Guest Lounge — who wouldn’t love this place? Gracious Chi Home is a bed and breakfast, bed space, and dormitory in one. Rooms at Gracious Chi Home has its own toilet, sink, and hot and cold shower. They also have a study/work area especially made to accommodate late night group works and they also provide lockers for every occupant and a free WiFi access.



  1. Safari Lodge

Another option for that country lodge feel is the Safari Lodge located just across Botanical Garden. The interior gives off that old and rustic feel. Some rooms even have their own jacuzzi. They also have a bonfire at night giving warmth to its guests and a nice bar with live music for that memorable experience.



  1. Quaint Wood Cabin with Loft

This quaint wood cabin in Monterrazas Village offers a big space while keeping its homey and laidback style. With three bedrooms and a loft space, it can accommodate up to 10 persons. The highlight of the house is its dining room for 12 persons which comes with its own fireplace. There is also a long window seat where you can hang out for after-dinner drinks.



  1. Upstairs Bed & Bath Hostel

This modern hostel beside SM City Baguio is located right smack in the town proper. Its name takes a pun on the hostel's location which you have to reach by going up the stairs. Targeting backpackers, they offer affordable room rates starting at P400 per person for the shared dormitory room. They also have private rooms for bigger groups.



  1. Lyn's Baguio Transient Homes

Affordability while providing your basic necessities—this is the name of the game of Lyn's Baguio Transient Homes. They have different room sizes all equipped with TV, bathroom, refrigerator, mini kitchen, and stove. It is very near Burnham Park and city market.



  1. Peredo's Lodging House

This traditional lodging house is charming in its own right. Wood finish throughout the house, it is cozy and homey for families looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation. It has a beautiful porch that looks out to Baguio's skyline. It has a beautiful garden with a seating area as well.



  1. Baguio Hideaway

Looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Head on to Baguio Hideaway located in Upper Kias Road Proper. It's quite far from the town area which is about a 25-minute drive away but this transient promises peace and relaxation at its finest. You won't be totally disconnected from the outside world as the unit is equipped with cable TV and complimentary wi-fi.



  1. Zianna's Baguio Transient House

Zianna's actually offer multiple transients all in strategic locations all over Baguio City. All the transient homes are fully-furnished and near major tourist attractions like the Pink Sisters Convent. They have spacious living and dining areas and a dedicated parking area.



  1. JM Dormitel

This dormitel provides options for what type of room you need. They have options from couples to families to large groups, and clean rooms from budget, standard, and superior. The place has a wide lobby area and tables and chairs. The warmth of the staff and their good service is another addition to the homey feels it provides.



  1. Tala Share & Guesthouse

Surrounded by pine trees and located near the major tourist attractions, Tala Share & Guesthouse is your home away from home. The place offers a dormitory type of room, a single, and a twin-bed room depending on your need. It has a cute playful vibe that mimicks its Japanese with Pinoy mix style influence.



  1. Arc Residences

Arc Residences is your modern villa. They have large glass windows by the food court with a beautiful view of trees. Rooms are all fully furnished. The lounge is convertible to a function hall for seminars, galleries, and exhibitions. There is also an outdoor space perfect for bench-shared dining or just for hanging out.



  1. Forest House Bed and Breakfast

If you have the budget, try this boutique hotel for a unique experience. Each and every room’s interior design and styling are well-thought of. Overall, it gives off that wonderful ambiance. Add to that the good food and quality service making the price super worth it.



Find other Transient Houses in Baguio







Renting a room in Baguio commonly costs around Php250 to Php1,500 a night, while the average price for renting an entire home for a night is around Php1,660. High-end lodging on the other hand, may go for as much Php7,000 a night or more.

The Summer Capital is a known tourist destination with historical landmarks, museums, parks, and even shopping districts. Tourists spots in Baguio are not only located close to each other, but also to many of the transient houses and apartments in the city.

Baguio City is famously known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines due its cool climate, and it has been recorded that the average temperature in the city is at least 8 degrees cooler than that in the lowlands.

In 2010, 318,676 people were reportedly living in Baguio, and during the peak seasons the number has been said to triples due to the influx of transients. These generally include the summer break and the Lenten Season, among others.



Living the Transient Life in Baguio City

transient house in baguio

The Summer Capital

Baguio City has always been known for its cool climate, and in the past most tourists mostly only recognized the city as such. Nowadays however, the city is also a hotspot for tourists looking for art, cuisine, and self. Not-so-recently, Baguio started attracting more tourists thanks to the film, That Thing Called Tadhana, which was filmed in select places in city and Sagada. The places the heartbroken duo in the film went to garnered so much attention that a local travel agency even came up with a Tadhana tour with an itinerary following the Baguio and Sagada journey in the film.

Hugot and strawberries aside, Baguio so much more offer, from art museums and posh cafes to high-end lodges and cheap ukay-ukay stores. Located about 4-6 hours away from Metro Manila, Baguio is a tourist destination worth going to not only for the climate, but also for the experience.

The City of Pines, Among Other Names

The name Baguio is said to have been taken from the American pronunciation of Bag-iw, a mossy flowering plant. During the Spanish era, La Trinidad, Benguet, was once filled with settlements that the conquistadors built after displacing the natives living in the area. During this time, the Spanish introduced coffee, which is still being grown and sold as Benguet coffee.

When the Spanish transferred ownership of the Philippine Islands to the Americans pursuant to the Treaty of Paris, the Americans then occupied what would become Baguio City, and began developing it to what it is today. The urban design of Baguio City was created by Daniel Burnham, an American architect and urban planner, whose portfolio includes Roxas Boulevard in Manila and the One Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

During the Second World War, the Japanese forces occupied Baguio, but was later reclaimed by American forces in 1945 when the war finally ended and the former surrendered.  Upon the declaration of Philippine independence in 1946, Baguio once again opened its doors as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The National Government literally conducted business in Baguio during the summer season, a tradition that has sine been reduced to only being done by members of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Renting Transient Houses in Baguio City

baguio transient house for rentRenting in Baguio City can be either really cheap or really expensive, as there are a variety of transient homes readily available and will simply depend on your preference. For instance, renting an entire house or cabin in Camp John Hay can go from Php 10,000 to Php 25,000 a night. Of course, this goes without saying that staying at a luxury cabin or a vacation home here carries with it the prestige attributable to Camp John Hay.

However, for those whose purpose is to immerse themselves in the experience of Baguio City and placing little regard for the luxury of their lodging, various transient homes are available at significantly cheaper prices. Houses and apartments with per-night prices ranging from Php 1,500 to Php 4,500 are available, and are located in the heart of Baguio City, some of which are within a stone's throw from Burnham Park and the Katedral ng Baguio.

As most of the tourist attractions within the city are located close to each other, finding a place in Baguio that would be convenient for getting around the city is not too difficult. Jeepneys and other modes of transportation to and from most rented apartments or houses, and the urban area is easy to navigate since the locals speak Tagalog and English.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any available transient rooms in Baguio?

There are 30 of transient rooms in Baguio city. Baguio is widely known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it’s the same characteristics which make Baguio a great place to visit also an ideal place to live in.

Is there an available transient near Burnham Park?

If you’re the type of person who wants to live in the area surrounded by mountains and savor the fresh chilly air, then it’s time to move to Baguio City. You can check out different properties that can be rented near Burnham Park in Baguio.

Are there any short-term room rentals in Baguio?

There are available short term room rentals around Baguio which is known for as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, this colorful city has amazing scenery and breathtaking landscapes including the Mines View, Burnham Park, Session Road and the pink Baguio Cathedral.