A Wrap-up of the Philippine Property Market in 3Q2021

The third quarter of 2021 has seen significant progress in some of the country’s key infrastructure projects, a surge in real estate activities prior to the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant, as well as industry developments that point to a safer, more convenient and more sustainable home building and buying experience. Lamudi looks into property search and listings activity in this quarter to uncover new trends and to anticipate where the market is headed.



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Rental Market Landscape: On-site Housing, Remote Work, and Transit-oriented Spaces

In the first quarter of 2021, the distribution of leads for properties to buy and properties to rent was nearly equal. This progression is telling of the changes in seeker priorities brought by the pandemic, including shifts in the way people approach renting properties. To guide property sellers in the new demands of rental seekers, Lamudi weighs in on three major trends in the real estate rental market in the time of COVID-19.


A Wrap-up of the Philippine Property Market in 2Q2021

In this quarterly e-magazine, Lamudi discusses key industry news, trends and developments for 2Q2021, with a special focus on Airport Cities and The Impact of the Mega Manila Subway Project on Real Estate.


A Wrap-up of the Philippine Property Market in 1Q2021

The Philippines kicked off 2021 with news of vaccine rollouts, a rise in active cases and stricter lockdown levels. The local real estate market also started the year with significant industry developments, such as project launches, recovering demand, and a REIT debut. A whole year past the onset of the global pandemic, Lamudi seeks to uncover new property seeker trends for the first quarter of 2021 and see where the market is headed.


The Outlook on the Residential Real Estate Market: Pandemic Spurs Digital Adoption in Boomers and Gen X in 1Q2021

In this report, Lamudi looks into the performance of the residential real estate market in 1Q2021 as consumers adopt new attitudes towards purchases and investment.


Indicators of Growth: Where to Invest in 2021

This report aims to assess real estate market preferences in 2021 as industries recover from the pandemic, and identify which segments boomed or softened amid the crisis.


What's Next?: A Forecast on PH's Residential & Commercial Real Estate in 2021

2020 was a challenging time for the property industry, but signs of recovery in the latter part of the year gave a glimpse to a brighter, more hopeful new year. In this report, we’ll discuss what’s next for the country’s residential and commercial real estate industry, considering historical data from 2020.


Hotspots Unwrapped: 2020’s Most Popular Locations

Although 2020 has been full of challenges for the real estate industry, it remains to be an iconic year given the new opportunities that emerged from the pandemic. Interestingly, new hotspots have emerged as a reflection of the market’s new normal needs.


The Outlook by Lamudi: Urban centers, booming regions show strong property demand in 3Q 2020

In this report, Lamudi aims to provide a snapshot of the state of real estate in the third quarter of 2020. We take a deep dive into the performance of key locations in terms of demand and supply.


The Outlook by Lamudi: Provincial cities and overseas interest contribute to real estate resilience

In this trend report, Lamudi looks at where the market was headed in 2019, and how changes in 2020 disrupted or sustained real estate investment trends. In addition, Colliers Philippines lists recommendations for opportunities outside Metro Manila.


The Outlook on the Residential Market: Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis

Get a snapshot of the current state of the residential market as restrictions on mobility switched from the strictest enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to the modified ECQ (MECQ) in the first half of 2020.


The Outlook by Lamudi: Eager property seekers, diligent brokers and developers raring for change

During the two-month ECQ, those who were thinking about real estate pre-COVID gave property purchase a more serious thought. In this report, we prepare for the new normal in real estate transactions by taking a deep dive into the market behavior with the help of responses from property seekers, property developers, and real estate brokers and agents.


Lamudi’s 2020 Real Estate Sector Outlook with Forecast from Colliers

Investments in the real estate industry in 2019 showed a more concerted effort to catch up to trends not only in Southeast Asia but also worldwide. The notable increase in joint ventures between national developers and international companies has given the Philippines some of the most unique structures in recent years. All of this, of course, is backed by a growing demand for a lifestyle that is hinged on green, smart, and connected environments.


Real Estate Market Review – January 2020

Lamudi's January 2020 data shows sustained interest in Quezon City real estate. Seekers on the real estate platform show a prevalent interest in properties for sale. Renters typically look for property costing Php 15,000 to Php 30,000.


Real Estate Market Review 2019

2019 was a strong year for the real estate sector. Major cities all over the Philippines have shown interesting performance, and this has led to more opportunities in the office, residential, and retail sectors nationwide.


Lamudi’s 3Q19 Metro Manila Real Estate Market Overview in Partnership with JLL

In this report, JLL outlines the drivers of growth in the metro for the third quarter of 2019, highlighting the ease in inflation as well as the changes in the residential, office, retail, and hotel sectors. Lamudi also details the sustained interest in property investments of property seekers, who are particularly interested in house and land for sale, and apartments and condominiums for rent.


Cavite Trend Report

As the demand for residential opportunities in the metropolitan areas continues to skyrocket, some city dwellers opt to choose homes just outside the busy metro. One province considered as a viable location that will attract a flock of new residents is Cavite. The province of Cavite continues to hold promising opportunities in terms of real estate developments and they aren’t bound to stop in the next couple of years, even decades.


Iloilo Trend Report

Sitting in the Western Visayas region, Iloilo City spans over 70 square kilometers, surrounded by its friendly neighbors: Oton in the west, Leganes in the northeast, Pavia in the north, and the Iloilo Strait in its southern shores. Literally right in the middle of the country, it earned the title the Heart of the Philippines.


Cavite as a Hub of Development in 2019

Cavite has proven itself to be a hub for development with the growing supply and demand for properties in its major cities. Proximity to the capital’s burgeoning urban sprawl makes Cavite a perfect candidate to take on Metro Manila's continuous property requirements.


The Digital Property Seeker Series Emerging Cities: Condominium Market 2018

With the ongoing decongestion efforts of Metro Manila through several decentralization measures by the government, many property developers are expanding beyond the country’s premier urban hub to meet the growing demands of property seekers for residential condominiums in these so-called emerging cities, notably Davao, Iloilo, and Angeles in Pampanga.


The Digital Property Seeker Series: Affordable Housing

The housing backlog created a ripe market for affordable housing. To help property sellers and developers take advantage of this growing market, Lamudi made a study on affordable property seekers: the key areas they are searching properties in, their search habits, and the types of affordable homes they seek.


Lamudi Real Estate Market Report 2017

The Lamudi Real Estate Market Report 2017 is a comprehensive report on residential markets and housing across the Philippines. It analyzes factors influencing the development of residential markets and explores areas for growth within the industry.


Outlook Real Estate Market Trends 2017

This report highlights the key insights on the country's thriving real estate industry and the top developers and projects recognized at The Outlook 2017.


Lamudi Real Estate Market Report 2015

The Lamudi Real Estate Market Report is a comprehensive report on residential markets and housing across the Philippines. It analyzes factors influencing the development of residential markets and explores areas for growth within the industry.