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A Nice Relaxing Place

The Municipality on the Slopes of Mount Banahaw

Mainly an agricultural town, the municipality of Lucban is recognized for being the location of the yearly feast of San Isidro Labrador. Otherwise known as St. Isidore the Laborer, he is the patron saint of farmers, and naturally, that of the municipality. While the celebration takes place across four towns in Quezon Province, it is the Pahiyas of Lucban that is most well-known.

Also recognized as the Summer Capital of Quezon, the municipality is situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw, an active volcano and a rather popular tourist destination in the province. It is also only 21 kilometers away from Lucena City, the capital city of the province. This means that any modern conveniences not located directly in the municipality are still nearby. 

Its reputation as both an agricultural center and a tourist destination means buying an agricultural lot or a commercial lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon is a sound investment.

A Religious and Tourist Destination

Like most of the Quezon Province, Lucban is considered a religious destination. Apart from being known to celebrate St. Isidore the Laborer, the municipality is also the location of St. Louis de Toulouse Church, which actually holds an image of the patron saint of farmers.

While the municipality is more of a tourist destination, it is also a suitable place to live in for those who prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, so even a residential lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon is worth considering. The municipality is situated near locales that can provide countless urban conveniences, and in itself is home to a number of educational institutions, particularly several elementary schools and secondary schools. Its sole tertiary school is the Southern Luzon State University, of the country’s top state universities.

Develop Your DreamLot for Sale: Lucban Quezon Is Developing

There are many good options for those seeking a lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon. As a place deeply rooted in agriculture, the municipality offers a variety of properties that are suited for farming. Its natural surroundings are green and lush with plantations. Its residential districts are quiet and relaxed. These qualities point to the fact that you can get your money’s worth with any type of lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon, whether it’s residential or agricultural land.

You can easily find a prime lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon that’s suitable for building houses. A notable location for a prime residential lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon is Greenville Subdivision, which is one of the municipality’s most popular subdivisions and is mere minutes away from the public market, the town’s centuries-old church, and the university. For only Php 108,900, you can get yourself a spacious 330 square meter residential lot to build a property on. 

For a fertile agricultural lot for sale in Lucban, Quezon that’s perfect for growing crops or rearing livestock, check out the areas of Tinamnan and Palola. You can get prime lots for as low Php 100,000 for a 300 square meter parcel of land to Php 300,000 for a sprawling 500 square meter parcel of land.