Affordable Staycation in Manila

Metro Manila's endless conveniences and leisures makes the region a suitable place for staycationing--and enjoying whatever the metro has to offer.

Metro Manila's status as a center for commerce, industries, education, entertainment, and historical relevance has attracted property seekers into investing in real estate properties. Lamudi's data for 2019 reveal that the top three searched cities belong to Metro Manila, meaning there is a constant interest in real estate properties here.

The data also shows that there is a growing demand for staycation accommodations in key areas all over Metro Manila. Staycations, or holistays, are increasingly popular for city dwellers who want to take short-term holidays or rest without having to go far away from the city.





Why You Should Take Staycations in Metro Manila

Metro Manila offers a very diverse selection of conveniences and leisures that cater to everyone's preferences, needs, and budgets. From the most budget-friendly spots to the most high-end and exclusive, Metro Manila doesn't run short of activities and places for the eager staycationer.

Staycationing within Metro Manila also means it is close to home, in a sense that the wide array of transportation terminals available makes it more convenient to travel to and fro other cities all over the metro. Being able to go places hassle-free makes exploring places of interest a pleasant and fun experience.

Other than convenient modes of transportation, Metro Manila offers a myriad of food hubs that are perfect for those seeking a gastronomic adventure. Staycationers can choose from a wide selection of street food to affordable eateries and high-end dining places to satiate their need for mouth-watering dishes. Likewise, foreign tourists get to taste authentic Filipino flavors that create a lasting and pleasant impression.

Of course, Metro Manila won't be complete without its places of interest that cater to everyone's taste. From open parks to museums, shopping centers, and resort-like facilities, you don't run out of places to go and spend your ideal staycation.

A Wide Array of Interesting Places

While staycations primarily involve staying in your own house or rented accommodation, where you can enjoy your favorite movies, books, or hobbies, Metro Manila offers various options for you to enjoy your staycation better, or perhaps to discover something new to do in your next holiday.

Metro Manila is thronged with coffee and tea shops that embody privacy and a warm and homely atmosphere conducive for any individual hobby. If you are looking for private and serene spaces to be more creative with your hobbies or to get lost in your book, then Metro Manila's local coffee shops are the perfect place for you. Not only do you enjoy your alone time, but you also get to savor a cup of your favorite drink.

If you are interested in displays of art and history, Metro Manila has museums outlining areas like Makati, Quezon City, and its capital the City of Manila. These museums house various displays of art by local and foreign artists, as well as artefacts and dioramas that remind Filipinos of their history. For entrance fees roughly ranging from Php 100 up to Php 500, you can learn a lot about art, culture, and history through these displays and galleries.

Nature lovers can also enjoy Metro Manila as a staycation spot. The burgeoning metro has various pocket parks that offer a refreshing scenery and open spaces for strolling, jogging, and cycling. The refreshing scenery of these parks are perfect for those looking for a piece of nature amidst a concrete urban area.

Staycation Options

The variety of activities and destinations within Metro Manila opens up possibilities for short-term holiday stays. There are many accommodations available for rent that you can use as your staycation lodging for a few days.

The demand for residential developments in Metro Manila has led to apartments, condominiums, and transient houses to be leased as staycation spots.

The most budget-friendly staycation lodgings are studio type and one-bedroom type apartments and condominiums that cost around Php 5,500 up to Php 18,000. These units are perfect for solo staycationers, and usually come with one bed, kitchen, Wi-Fi, and television.

Groups of friends and families searching for cost-efficient lodgings can avail the two-bedroom up to three-bedroom unit types that come with three bathrooms, complete furnishings, utilities, and Wi-Fi. These units can cost around Php 20,000 up to Php 65,000, depending on the condominium and the location.

The advantage of staycationing in condominiums is that these developments come with world-class amenities that make staycationers feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel.

Apartments and transient houses are suitable for travelers who need to catch a flight early next morning. These affordable lodgings serve as a temporary home while waiting for their scheduled trip, voyage, or flight.

Staycationing in Metro Manila isn't limited to doing your hobbies in your ideal accommodation, or availing of the resort-like amenities that come with it. Staycations also cover short-term accommodations for jet-setters and travelers who need to recharge before hopping from one place to another.

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