Affordable Staycation in Makati

Makati City's lively and bustling CBD is suitable for eager staycationers who want to experience the vibrant and upscale city.

Makati City is dubbed as the financial epicenter of the Philippines due to its high concentration of multinational and local corporations within the Philippines.

Throughout the years, Makati's flourishing and vibrant central business district (CBD) has brought in an influx of tourists and potential residents who seek to experience the dynamic lifestyle of the thriving metropolis.

According to Lamudi's data for 2019, Makati earns the third spot as the most sought-after city in terms of buying and renting real estate property, making up 23.10% of all the searches in Luzon. This data reveals the interest in Makati as a suitable residential area.




A Booming Lifestyle District

The growth of the economy and employment opportunities in Makati has resulted in in the growth of residential areas close to commercial districts. The high real estate demand in Makati is partly due to seekers wanting to live close to their workplaces. This has also led to more residential spaces being leased for a much more affordable price that can be used for both long-term stay and short-term staycation.

Makati City's booming economy brings in many conveniences, leisure, and a wide array of staycation options to those who want to experience the city's vibrant and upscale lifestyle and environment.

Staycationing in Makati

Makati has a wide array of staycation accommodations that range from the relatively budget-friendly to the most upscale of prices.

The majority of the city's residential accommodations for rent are condominium units, including studio and one-bedroom unit types. There are bigger units ideal for families and groups of friends, such as two-bedroom and loft units. These units are fully-furnished and come with complete utilities and Wi-Fi connection.

Staycationers can also relax and unwind through resort-like amenities such as swimming pools, fitness gym, spa, gaming and entertainment rooms, lounges, and terraces. These amenities will make short-term staycations in Makati memorable.

Prices for these condominiums for rent range from Php 18,000 up to a stunning Php 50,000. Many of these condominiums are located in the lavish neighborhoods of Legazpi village and Bel-Air, which accounts for the relatively high prices and luxurious amenities.

If you aren't looking for an exquisite condominium for rent, there are single rooms for rent that can be utilized for overnight stays. These bedspaces for rent are perfect for backpackers and for those who need a room to stay before their flights. Rooms for rent usually cost around Php 5000 and come with a bed, a toilet and bath, electric fan or air conditioning, and Wi-Fi connection.

While Makati is deemed as a high-end place, the city is not limited to posh establishments. There are tons of local eateries, convenience stores, and shops that offer affordable items and snacks perfect for those who want to enjoy staycationing in the city.

Things to Do while Staycationing in Makati

While Makati City is known for being a hub for investment, the city doesn't only cater to working professionals and business-oriented people. Here are some of the things you can do while enjoying your staycation in Makati.

Go Shopping

Makati isn't complete without its throng of famous shopping malls and department stores that have made the financial center a shopping mecca as well.

People who love to shop may hop from mall to mall and grab their favorite items to bring to their staycation suite.

If you are not looking to shop for anything, mall hopping can still be amusing and therapeutic for those who want to look around and observe the different decor, shops, and the swarm of people going in and out of the buildings.

Enjoy the Weekend Market

The outdoor Legazpi Sunday Market is an exciting place for staycationers to enjoy an array of shops. The weekend market is open on Sundays from 7:00 AM up to 2:00 PM.

This outdoor market offers a wide assortment of food stalls ranging from popsicle stands to street food, noodle shops, and grills. The Legazpi Sunday Market is an ideal spot for tourists, especially staycationers looking around for trinkets while munching on savory snacks and sweet treats.

Appreciate Art

Artists and art lovers will also find Makati an "artsy" getaway. The city is where various art fairs are held and where many local artists gather to showcase the fruits of their creative labor. Events such as the Art Fair Philippines held every February and Art in the Park held every March are just some of your options.

The iconic Ayala Museum is also home to artwork made by premier Filipino artists. For an entrance fee, you can access the museum's many exhibits and dioramas displaying Philippine art, culture, and history.

Unwind with Nature

Makati may be notable for its tall buildings and bustling roads, but the city is also home to many pocket parks that are perfect for urban dwellers who want to relax. Pockets parks like the Ayala Triangle Park and the Salcedo Village Park are some of the popular open spaces for nature lovers in the city. These parks can be used for picnics, jogging, strolling, and riding your bike.

Makati offers a distinct and refreshing experience for eager staycationers through its wide array of shopping and dining places, pocket parks, weekend markets, and places of interest that make a lasting impression on visitors and short-term vacationers.

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